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List of Episodes Season 1

01 The Biggest Hell/Strange Discovery in Hell

Jigoku daiichiban/ Jigoku fushigi hakken (地獄大一番/地獄不思議発見)

Januay 9, 2014

Episode 001.png

A transfer request from Heaven is sent to King Enma, who makes Karauri take it to Hozuki. While out on inspections, Hozuki is called to deal with Momotaro, a folk tale hero who makes a ruckus near the under-staffed Animal Torture Hell, wanting to fight an ogre like he did in his former life. He and his three spiritual beasts prove to be no match at all for the sadistic Hozuki and his metal club. Hozuki resolves the situation by sending Momotaro to work in Heaven and employing his spiritual beasts in Animal Torture Hell.

Hozuki is seen taking care of his pet goldfish plants during his lunch break. While they watch a mortal tv show about Australia, Lord Enma and Hozuki talk about Hozuki's unexpected love for animals, his obsession with goldfish plants, and what he likes in women. Both are complaining about wanting to take a break from work, when suddenly Hozuki wins a three day trip to Australia. He immediately takes a vacation.

02 Demons and Underware and Crabs/The State of Hell and This and That

Oni to Pantsu to Kani/Jigoku no Sata to Are ya Kore (鬼とパンツとカニ/地獄の沙汰とあれやこれ)

January 16, 2014

Episode 002.png

Hozuki deals with an irate old hag and a giant sick crab. Later, the European King of Hell, Satan,l visits, and Hozuki gives him the grand tour.

03 Hakutaku/How Their Discord Came To Be

Hakutaku/Ikani Shite Karera no Kakushitsu wa Umareta ka (白澤/いかにして彼らの確執は生まれたか)

January 23, 2014

Episode 002.png

Hozuki heads to Shangri-la on a day out, but runs into his immortal enemy. King Enma recounts how Hozuki and Hakutaku came to loathe each other.

04 Pretty Boys Need Love Too/Kajika Hell

Binan ni mo Iroiro Aru/ Kachi ka dji goku (美男にもいろいろある / かちかぢごく)

January 31, 2014


Hozuki becomes embroiled in a low speed chase between flying policemen and air taxis with giant heads. Later, he teaches some of his more slacking employees the art of torture.

05 The Instrumental Duo of the Mighty Rivals/Mental Sports Day

Ryūko no Nijūsō/ Seishin-teki Undōkai (龍虎の二重奏 / 精神的運動会)

February 6, 2014


In Part A, Hozuki faces off with his identically opposite foe, Hakutaku, as they go attend to small items of business with Hell's gatekeepers who, incidentally, are also perfectly attuned with each other. In Part B, It's Sports Day in Hell, and everyone is welcome to join in, though attendance is mandatory. Hozuki puts his devious mind to the test creating all sorts of challenges that are specially designed to whip the softer minions into shape.

06 Hell Idol: Peach Maki/The Right Arm Blues

Jigoku Aidori Pīchi Maki/ Migi Ude no Burūsu (地獄アイドルピーチ・マキ / 右腕のブルース)

February 13, 2014


Hozuki is pestered by a scoop seeking feline journalist and finds himself sitting next to a peach idol on the train. Later, the right hand man from the European Hell pays Hozuki a visit.

07 Man and Woman and Mortal Hell/Hell-Style Acupunture and Moxibustion Techniques and How-to Use the Johari Mirror

Otoko to Onna to Shugō Jigoku/ Jigoku-shiki Shinkyū-jutsu to Jōhari Kamera no Tsukaikata (男と女と衆合地獄 / 地獄式鍼灸術と浄玻璃鏡の使い方)

February 20, 2014


Hozuki takes his young charges on a tour of a very sexy part of hell. Later, the Great King Enma hurts his back and Hozuki decides to deal with it in his own way.

08 The Vulgar Battle/The 36 Views of Hell

Egetsunaki Tatakai/ Jigoku Sanjūrokkei (えげつなき戦い / 地獄三十六景)

February 27, 2014


A new damned soul appears to make Hozuki's day slightly more difficult than before. What he doesn't expect is what she brings with her!

09 The Ultimate Example of Ruin Through Wine and Women/Awash with Drunks

Sake to Onna de Dameninaru Kyūkyoku no Rei/ Afure Kaettekita Yopparai (酒と女でダメになる究極の例 / 溢れ返ってきたヨッパライ)

March 6, 2014


Momotaro has to deal with another of his master's hangovers and while out drinking run into an annoyed Hozuki. Later, chaos erupts in the Alcoholic's Hell.

10 Dinner of the Ten Kings of the Afterlife/Diets are Hell

Jūō no Bansan/ Daietto wa Jigoku Mitaina Mono (十王の晩餐 / ダイエットは地獄みたいなもの)

March 13, 2014


Hozuki unites the 10 kings of the Afterlife for a little personal demonstration of his opinion regarding offerings to the deceased. Afterwards, Hozuki forces the Great King to undergo a heavy training regimen to lose weight.

11 The Samurai Who Was Inch High/Marsh Sisters on the Mountain

Issun Datta Hōshi/ Oyama no Doronuma Shimai (一寸だった法師 / お山の泥沼姉妹)

March 20, 2014


After reading Shiro the story ofthe One Inch Samurai, Hozuki takes him and some pups in search of the real thing. Later, a troubled wood spirit comes to Hozuki for help in taming a twice scorned princess who hates pretty girls.

12 Lady Lilith and her Husband/ Why Monsters are so Widely Spread Throughout the Mundane World of China

Redi Ririsu to Sono Otto/ Chūgoku Utsushiyo ni Yōkai ga Hiromatta Wake (レディ・リリスとその夫 / 中国現世に妖怪が広まった訳)

March 27, 2014


Lillith, a demonic seductress, sinks her fangs into Hozuki, but he deftly doges her advances by pawning her off on less than savory company. Later, Hozuki and Hakutaku recount tales of the Yellow Emperor, trips to China and drunken stupors.

13 Hell's Bon Festival of Lights/Idle Chat with the Great King Enma

Urabon Jigoku-sai/ Zatsudan Enma Daiō (盂蘭盆地獄祭 / 雑談閻魔大王)

April 3, 2014


The Bon Festival is here, giving Hozuki and the minions some time for fun...and more than enough time to catch the deceased in denial! Later, Hozuki has a nice chat with the Great King Enma.


List of Episodes OVA

01 The Enthusiasm Gaps Between Fans and Non-Fans/The Foxy Yakan and Ooban Koban February 23, 2015


The annual Goldfish Plant festival is held inHell and Hoozuki is one of the judges looking for a new Goldfish Plant Ambassador. Later, in the red-light district, Hoozuki is recruited to train Male fox hosts how to be sadistic, and ends up getting mixed with Koban.


02 Methods to win the Zashiki Warashi/Idol Front line May 22, 2015


Upon finding Zashiki Warashi Twins in an abandoned building, Hoozuki experiments on what happens when they live in, and consequently leave, an already prosperous home. Later, Peach Maki is asked to play Angel Uguisu in stage performances of the popular children's anime "Chinese Angels" which makes her question what it means to be an idol.


03 Is Art an Explosion?/Art IS an Explosion August 21, 2015


Momtaro is required to make a medicine for Hell's infirmary, however Hakutaku's drawings in the instructions make it difficult for him to make it. Upon brining the instructions while delivering the medicine, Hoozuki calls Hakutaku and makes him come to Hell to take art lessons from Nasubi. Later Hakutaku reveals that he can bring drawings to life through a ritual, which he successfully teaches to Nasubi. However, Hakutaku's creations are horrifying.