Chapter 5
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Kanji いかにして彼らの確執は生まれたか
Rōmaji Ikani Shite Karera no Kakushitsu wa Umareta Ka
English Title How Did They Start Resenting Each Other
Volume 01
Release Date May 23, 2011
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How Did They Start Resenting Each Other (いかにして彼らの確執は生まれたか, Ikani Shite Karera no Kakushitsu wa Umareta Ka) is the fourth chapter of Hōzuki no Reitetsu by Natsumi Eguchi, serialized in the seinen manga magazine Weekly Morning published by Kodansha.


The chapter starts out with Momotaro telling Hoozuki about Hakutaku flirting with a lady attendant of amaterasu ookami, sun godess and major deity of the Shinto religion, and later on even with Oko. Hoozuki gets mad at this and as a result, breaks a wall with his bare fist. Enma appears then, and explains to Momotaro that comparing the two men is the only insult Hoozuki cannot take calmly. Enma then proceeds to tell the story of how they started resenting each other.

Around a thousand years ago, in the Japan-China bonding event, Hakutaku and Hoozuki were chosen as judges for their respective countries. During a break, Hoozuki and Hakutaku were both bored until the later sugested they make a bet on the bust size of the next lady that came through the door. However, both of them cannot tell if the person that walked through the door then was a female or a male, and so they start arguing.

When the flashback ends, Hoozuki decides to call the person they betted on, to ask if they were a male or a female. They respond that they are in fact a transvestie that had yet to go under the knife. Hoozuki calles Hakutaku to inform him of this, and so they start argueinh wheter or not they should treat the person as a male because of his body, or as a woman because of the heart.

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