Goldfish Plant
Goldfish plant
Kanji 金魚草
Rōmaji Kingyo Kusa
Type Plant
Voice Actors
Anime Debut The Biggest Hell/Strange Discovery in Hell
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Goldfish Plant ( 金魚草, Kingyo Kusa) is a fictional animal-plant as well as ornamental pet plant that is implemented and bred by Hoozuki, the deputy of Hell. Not only Hoozuki alone, but raising Goldfish plants has been a popular long-term trend among Hell's residency. Residents who raise Goldfish plants also have the tendencies to participate the annual Goldfish Plant competition.


The fish, particularly, has a round, white scaly body with a big, red-ish dot on its upper back. It also has red fins (pectorial fins, anal fins, and tail fin) and possesses round, innocent, baggy eyes and a round, white mouth. Supporting the fish is a green thin stem with few leaves. Despise playing the role of a real live goldfish, it apparently does not need to live in water, but only need frequent water spray as a normal tree does.

Golfish plants abilities are crying, swinging (followed by wind's direction) and working (as seen in Hoozuki no Reitetsu Ending 1 when the fishes were powering a mobilize machine).

Annual CompetitionEdit

The Goldfish Plant annual competition happens every year in Hell. Winner will be chosen based on two requirements: The fish's size and its cry. Whoever has the largest fish with the most melodic crying wins.

One of the judges of the competition is Hoozuki, due to the fact that he claimed victories in the contest previously for many years.