Rōmaji Gon
Height - cm (-' feet)
Gender Male Male
Type Kitsune
Voice Actors
Seiyū Yoshimasa Hosoya
Manga Debut --
Anime Debut Hell's Bon Festival of Lights
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Gon (檎, Gon), nicknamed Gon-chan (檎ちゃん), is a fox demon who tries to gather costumers to Dakki's store. He's a yakan dropout, who dislikes working, and he's a typical no-good male. Because he even finds his special skill of transforming to be bothersome, Koban told him "You're not a fox, you're a tanuki". Because he doesn't have any aims, Dakki entrusted him with managing the host club "Kitune no Mukouire" (狐の婿入り, Kitsune no Mukouire) (now the kitsune café "Yakankan" (ヤカンカン)). He's got an undesireable but inseparabele bond with Koban. The smoke that come from that kiseru pipe can take the form to reflect the relationships and state-of-affairs between those close by.