Kanji 白澤
Rōmaji Hakutaku
Height 185 cm (6' feet)
Gender Male Male
Type Celestial Beast
Voice Actors
Seiyū Kōji Yusa
Manga Debut Hakutaku
Anime Debut Hakutaku/How Their Discord Came to be
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Hakutaku (白澤, Hakutaku) is a Celestial Beast and pharmacist living in Togenkyo at the Sentou Farm in Heaven. He took in Momotaro as his assistant and has been imparting his skills to the ex-ogre slayer ever since. He dwells among rabbits who also learn medical skills from him and aid him in preparation of herbal concoctions. Hoozuki is his arch-nemesis despite their many similarities.

Personality Edit

Hakutaku comes across as gracious and charming and is extremely popular with the ladies, much as Hoozuki is. However he is an unrepentant womanizer and flirts with every pretty woman he sees including Peach Maki and Oko. It is this quality that both Hoozuki and Momotaro find extremely distasteful about Hakutaku though they seem to have accepted it with time.

Hakutaku claims that his popularity with women stems from the fact that his medical skills are much admired by womenfolk. This seems accurate as most of his callers are female asking him for herbal remedies. Unfortunately, his philandering ways also tends to enrage the women he is two-timing, leading to him being dumped as often as he gains a new girlfriend.


  • Fans of the series has created a counterpart for Hakutaku named Kokutaku (黑澤, 黑 meaning koku/kuro, black) who is often drawn in black and purple clothing, whereas Hakutaku dresses in white and red clothing. His eyes are depicted as golden (Hakutaku's being blue/grey) and his hair varies from person to person as some choose to color it white (to contrast with Hakutaku's black hair) or simply leave it as black (to go with the rest of his theme.) Western fans have incorrectly romanized the name as Kurotaku (as that is the more common reading for the kanji.) Kokutaku is however not a real character drawn by Natsumi Eguchi.
  • He once had a girlfriend named Chun. She has a cameo appearance in the anime and is seen punching him and walking out of his store in Episode 3 when his character was introduced.
  • Hakutaku reveals to Momotaro in the manga that he has existed since the beginning of time, before humans had even existed and that he was always bored and lonely back then with the lack of existence of other beings.