There are various Heavens and Hells, spanning across several different cultures. 

Japanese HellsEdit

It is divided into the Narakas (realms) and the Cold Narakas . These two are separated into 272 subdivisions. 


A Hell where people who have abused or harmed animals are sent. In this Hell, sinners are chewed to the core by dogs and birds. 

Shugou Edit

The Hell for punishing lust. It is where the perverse, unchaste, and sex offenders are sent. 70% of the Wardens there are female. It also serves as the Red-light District for the Wardens of other Hells. 

Shugou SubdivisionsEdit

  • Tairyoujukunou-sho ("Place of Great Sufferings") - Where promiscuous sinners are sent. 
  • Muhiganjuku-sho ("Place of Sufferings of No Returns") - Where those who commit incest are sent.