The Japan-China Bonding Event, was an event held to better the relationship between the hell of China and Japan. It was done in such a manner that resembled the Olympic games. Here, however, the deceased legends of both respective countries would compete against each other in the Arts of War, Physical Strength, and Endurance; and also for intellectual supremacy using fast thinking and judgement ability.There was even a monster duel where iconic monster would battle in the Monster Arts.

The two nations were devided into two teams. China's "Milky-White Team" and Japan's "Red and Black Team". There were chosen two representatives from each nation to act as judges, the chosen ones were Hakutaku as a Chinese judge and Hoozuki as a Japanese judge, seeing as both of them were far too advaced to be participants.

It is a known fact that during the games, the competiors were largely ignored due to the Hakutaku VS Hoozuki fever that had been going on between the female spectators. Something which the males are shown to not understand as it was their opnion that the two men looked exactly alike. Momotaro however, points out that it was understandable that there would be so much attentention on the Judges as their costumes were far too extravagant.

In the Japan-China Bonding several well-known deceased Chinese or Japanese people were introduced and placed into situations that would otherwise not have been possible due to the time differeance that they lived in.