Kanji 茄子
Rōmaji Nasubi
Height 140 cm (4'7")
Gender Male Male
Type Demon
Voice Actors
Seiyū Touko Aoyama
Manga Debut A Demon vs. His Arch Enemy
Anime Debut The Biggest Hell/Strange Discovery in Hell
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Nasubi (茄子) is Karauri's inadvertent colleague. Nasubi can't seems to be able to focus on the given task for a long time and can get easily distracted, which leads him to make mistakes during work.


Nasubi is a young adult, even though he may look like a child. He has voluminous, silver-white hair which he keeps relatively short. He has three small white horns above his forehead and two dark dots just peeking out from under his bangs. He has large, droopy eyes and a cat-like mouth.

Usually he wears white traditional clothing with a dark blue collar and belt, resembling a samue or jinbei. He wears traditional zōri sandals.



As pointed out by Karauri, Nasubi is an award-winning artist. However, he chose the job of a minion as it provided stable income for his poor family background.[1]

He is also adept with various paint and craft mediums. His muse and idol is Katsushika Hokusai.


  • His name means "eggplant".


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