Hoozuki no Reitetsu Wiki
Gender Male Male
Type Dog
Status Animal Hell Minion
Voice Actors
Seiyū Hirakawa Daisuke
Manga Debut A Demon vs. His Arch Enemy
Anime Debut The Biggest Hell/Strange Discovery in Hell
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Orginally, Shiro was Momotaro's companion from japanese folklore, but now works in animal hell helping to punish deceased people who used to abuse animals in during their lives. He was hired by Hoozuki when Momotarou went to Hell to fight oni, but was defeated. Both the ape, Kakisuke and the pheasant Rurio were also defeated, and they now work together in Animal Hell. He gets along well with Hozuki.


Shiro is a small, fluffy, white dog, that wears a red and white corded rope around his neck like a collar. He looks similar to the Japanese Spitz, who are known for their loyalty, affection, devotion and great courage.  The rope makes a large tie across his back.


Shiro is a very energetic dog, who trusts and believes in his friends. He is completely devoted to his new job in Animal Hell, and enjoys viciously attacking, biting and mauling the damned. He has a tendency to accidentally blurt out rude statements and is easily excited by new things, much like a child.