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Stripping Hag
Kanji 奪衣婆
Rōmaji Datsue-ba
Gender Female Female
Type Demon
Voice Actors
Seiyū Ako Mayama
Manga Debut Chapter 6
Anime Debut Demons and Underwear and Crabs/The State of Hell, and This and That
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The Stripping Hag, also known as Datsue-ba (奪衣婆, lit. "old woman who strips clothes"), is an old woman who sits by the Sanzu River and as her name sugest, strips the deceased of their clothes.


The stripping hag is a very thin and ederly woman who is always seen wearing a white yukata lined with black. The front on her yukata is very open, and as such her thin body is reavealed as the ribcages are completly visable. Her hair is white, and from there sprouts two small black horns.


The stripping hag is best known for being incredibly flirtatious and easy going. She will without hesitation flirt with several men, including Hoozuki . She is also portrayed as an individual with a lot of confidence in her physical appearance, much to the displeasure of the male characters in the show.